Yamaha Vintage Pro

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The Yamaha Vintage-Pro tremolo system features a two-point fulcrum and a self-lubricating graphite nut that allows super-smooth tremolo arm operation while maintaining tuning. It's based on a normal tremolo unit but rather than attaching it to the front of the body like a normal 6-point screw or 2-point support tremolo, it has a unique structure where bolts are fixed from the back. It's not standard so it cannot be applied on every guitar. The fulcrum itself is a hinge-like structure. There's also a dial attached to the left side of the bridge. By turning it, a white square bar extends from the bottom of the unit to approximately 8mm. When this rod hits the body, the tremolo arm cannot be pulled up. The bridge will be in parrallel position. This way you can also tune the guitar easier. 

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Kahler type
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