Wilkinson WVS50K

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The Wilkinson WVS50K is a budget version of the Wilkinson VS100

The Wilkinson WVS50 K is a knife edge vibrato where the front edge is being held in place by two posts that are threaded into two studs (your typical fulcrum spring-balanced knife edge pivoting system). Height adjustment of the bridge is achieved by turning the studs in or out. The saddles on this tremolo are solid bars and are height adjustable by 2 allen posts. Intonation adjustments are done by forward and backwards movement of the allen screw through the rear end of the saddle. Slight sideway adjustment is possible to allow for various neck widths and pickup pole piece alignment.

String spacing: 10.8 mm

Sung Il
Bridge type: 
Standard type
Bridge color: 
Black Chrome
Nickel Satin
Chrome Satin
Black Satin
Gold Satin
Made in: 
Korea, Republic of