Wilkinson WV6

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The Wilkinson WV6 tremolo is Wilkinson's take on the vintage Fender design with a twist. This tremolo is a universal fit. Elongated holes mean the trem will fit on a body drilled anywhere from 54mm (2 1/8") right up to 56,4mm (2 7/32"). And as usual the WV6 sports the narrower string spacing at 54mm found on most Wilkinson trems. The narrower spacing gives a much more stable string lie across the neck, limiting the possibilities of the E strings slipping off the frets, a great little touch for anyone who likes their hammer ons and pull offs. The steel block is also sports staggered string holes to make corrections to the intonation a relatively simple job, without putting too much stress on the saddles, and as with all steel blocks, it helps magnify the overall sustain, brightness and top end, resulting in a more expansive tone. Another nice feature on the Wilkinson trems is the push in whammy arm. A simply solution to an age old problem! Wilkinson have installed a “clamping” bush inside the block, secured by a small bolt on the rear of the block.

  • Steel block - size 41.2mm
  • String spacing 54 mm
  • Saddle Material: Steel
  • Screw spacing 54mm-57mm
  • Bolted to the body 
  • Will fit genuine Fenders and many import guitars
Bridge type: 
Standard type
Bridge color: 
Made in: 
Korea, Republic of