Wilkinson VS100C Convertible

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The Wilkinson VS100C is a knife edge vibrato where the front edge is being held in place by two posts that are threaded into two studs (your typical fulcrum spring-balanced knife edge pivoting system). Height adjustment of the bridge is achieved by turning the studs in or out. The saddles on this tremolo are solid bars and are height adjustable by 2 allen posts. Intonation adjustments are done by forward and backwards movement of the allen screw through the rear end of the saddle. Slight sideway adjustment is possible to allow for various neck widths and pickup pole piece alignment. 

The saddles, arm and studs are made of stainless steel and it has a detachable arm with a nylon adustment collar. The string spread on this bridge is 2-1/8" (54mm). It is usually advised to use this tremolo in combination with locking tuners and an LSR Roller nut or graph tech nut for maximum tuning stablity.

The VS100C with the "convertible" mechanism  also has an aluminum back plate (that covers the spring cavity) which has a special little receptacle mounted in it. The whammy bar extends right through the bridge where it rests in a well in this receptacle. With the bar at rest position (hanging down just behind the last tone control on a Strat), the bridge cannot move.

Back on top of the bridge, the whammy bar passes through a ramped collar threaded into the bridge plate. A mating collar is attached to the bar. When you swing the bar up from rest position ready to use it, the ramped collar forces the bar to rise up slightly so that it lifts out of the well in the receptacle on the backing plate. This makes it free to pivot. When you're done whammying, release the bar. It swings back down and locks the bridge again. All the stuff here is adjustable: position of the little receptacle, location of the ramped collars (hence height and rest position of the bar), tension of the bar as you swing it into place. And, by the way, *every* adjustment, saddles included, is done with the same size allen key. If you prefer to have the bar stay up in playing position while you're not using it, then you lose the locking ability. It has to swing down to lock the bridge.

Due to a settlement with Gibson over patent infringement the Wilkinson VS100C were not produced in the USA anymore.

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Standard type
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United States