Kahler 2300 Pro Vibrato

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The Kahler 2300 Pro is a Vibrato system developed in 1981. This tremolo is not based on the fulcrum-pivot but it is cam-oriented. There is a single cylindrical cam that rotates within the housing where the strings are mounted to the cam and being held in place by slotted blocks that hold the ball end of each string. The strings rest on roller saddles. There are two return springs underneath the housing that bring the cam back to its zero position. The tremolo arm is screwed directly into the cam. 

The Kahler 2300 Pro vibrato system is quite massive and has good sustain. It also has lots of possibilities for adjustment. The saddles can all be adjusted individually in 6 directions. There is also an adjustment to limit how much upward pull can be achieved. Like a Floyd Rose tremolo there are also 6 fine tuning knobs located at the cam stop. 

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Kahler type
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United States