Floyd Rose Pro Tremolo System

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The Floyd Rose Pro is a tremolo system that first appeared in the mid 1980s, are made in Germany. The Floyd Rose Pro is a low profile version of the original Floyd Rose and it also had finetuners which the original didn't have. The Original Floyd Rose Tremolo string spacing is .420 inches and the Floyd Rose Pro string spacing is .400 inches. The tremolo system is available in a variety of nut sizes to fit any electric guitar, the tremolo kit contains the bridge, locking nut, springs & claw, mounting studs, and all hardware necessary for installation. 

The colors availabe are

  • Chrome FRTP100
  • Black FRTP200
  • Gold FRTP300
  • Black Nickel FRTP500
Floyd Rose
Bridge type: 
Floyd Rose type
Bridge color: 
Black Nickel
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