Takamine solid bodied electric guitars.

Takamine GX100

Last year I bought a Takamine GJ72CE Electric Acoustic guitar. A purchase that I'm quite happy with. I like the way it plays, the way it sounds and the way it looks. The form, the materials and the headstock. I love that the strings stay parallel from the nut to the tuners. Takamine is well known for their electric acoustic guitars. Not many people know that they also made a few solid bodied guitars in the 1980's. I've tried to collect some data on these guitars on the internet by googling and checking internet fora and this is what I came up with:

Takamine GX100 and GX100T

The Takamine GX100 guitars are solid bodied Takamines with an Explorer type body, 2 DiMarzio made humbuckers and a tune-o-matic bridge or standard tremolo (GX100T).

Takamine GX200 and GX200T

The Takamine GX200 is an offset double cut strat/SG like guitar with mahogany body and set in neck. The heavily sculpted heel makes it look as a neck-through construction. The headstock form looks like the current acoustic electric headstock Takamine has on their guitars.

Takamine GZ340T and GZ350T

The GZ340 and GZ350 are strat type guitars with  mahogany bodies and quilted mahogany tops and solid maple necks. The Takamine GZ350T has a Floyd Rose tremolo instead of a standard trem like on the Takamine GZ340T.

Takamine GZ300 and GZ300TTakamine GE 400 KT

The Takamine GZ300 is a double cut guitar with 2 humbuckers with separate tone and volume knobs for both pickups. The body is mahogany or ash (I'm not sure) and has binding. The GZ300T is the same guitar with a Tremolo.

Besides these guitars there is also the Takamine GE 400 KT of which there is little known, where I think the KT stands for Kahler Tremolo. It has an even more exotic form than the Explorer like GX100.

Then there are even more exotic solid bodied Takamine guitars where I can't find any information on. Take a look at these:

Takamine Unknown Solid Body electricTakamine Unknown Solid Body electricTakamine Unknown Solid Body electric