The Ibanez RT series, right between a Strat and an RG

Ibanez RT 650

I was looking for another guitar to complement my Yamaha RGX612A the other day and was searching for a more traditional Strat type guitar. My criteria were: An alder body, a two point standard bridge, a 25.5 inch scale neck with preferably a maple fret board and an HSS pickup configuration. I was looking at some higher end Pacifica series like the Yamaha Pacifica 604W, but came across the Ibanez RT series. It’s a series that only lasted for a year or two (1992-1993) but has some interesting specs. This series combines some more traditional elements like an alder body, a non-locking synchronized (TZ6) tremolo and the U-shaped Ibanez Viper neck with more modern features.

The body shape is actually the same as the Ibanez RG series but has a (tortoise) pickguard on top of it. Instead of the more traditional 22 fret neck, the necks on the RT series have 24 frets. And in contrast to a traditional Strat’s SSS pickup configuration the RT’s have HSH/SSH pickup configurations. The series are positioned precisely between the RG series and a classic Strat.  For more information on these guitars, check them out yourself!