Ibanez RG's without Floyd Rose tremolos

Ibanez RG Fixed Bridge

As far as I remember I have always associated the Ibanez RG with Floyd Rose like tremolos. That's why I like to highlight the RG's featuring non Floyd Rose type tremolos/bridges. In earlier posts I've already highlighted the Ibanez RT series and also Ibanez' Andy Timmons signature guitars. In this post I will mostly highlight the Ibanez RGA series but I will start with another special non-Floyd Ibanez RG that I stumbled upon while browsing the web. It's a very rare Ibanez RG featuring a Wilkinson VS100G tremolo. Enter the Ibanez RG 521 QS (Quilted Sapele). 

Ibanez RG 521 QS

This guitar was made in Japan (Fujigen) especially for the (Northern) European market and has a mahogany body with a quilted sapele top. As far as I know, this is the only Ibanez RG featuring a Wilkinson VS100G tremolo in existence. As far as specifications are concerned it kind of resembles some of the guitars of the Washburn Mercury series. Truly a rare Axe. 

Ibanez RG 471AH

The Ibanez RG471 AH is an RG with a fixed Ibanez Gibraltar Standard bridge. The body on this guitar is made of Ash which also is somewhat unique for an RG. This RG is made in Indonesia just like some of the next batch of guitars: The RGA series. 

Ibanez RGA series

The Ibanez RGA series was introduced in 2005 as a prestige series made in Japan. It was based on the RG series but featured an arched top. The later models were made in Indonesia and eventually the RGA series also had some models that featured a (floyd rose type) tremolo.  I've summed up the specifications of most of the Ibanez RGA serie models with a fixed bridge. The later models (as of 2011) featured scooped horns. Maybe I'll update this post if I find more RG's without Floyds. Or I'll just write a part II. There's also an article about Yamaha's WITH Floyd Rose Tremolos.

Ibanez RGA series Infographic
Ibanez RGA series Infographic