The Hamer Mirage Series

Hamer Mirage Series

The Hamer Mirage series was introduced in 1994 and were upscale double cutaway models but never really caught on like PRS. They only produced a total number of 864 guitars. That's a shame because they seem like great instruments. The series started of with the Mirage I (GMIR I) in 1994 of which only 344 were produced. A year later the Mirage II (GMIR II) was introduced of which there are only 262 in existence. The first two Mirage guitars were then replaced by the Mirage Maple Top (GMIM) in 1998 of which there are 258 units.

The first Hamer Mirage featured a thick 2 piece carved Koa top, a three piece mahogany glued in neck and 3 single coil sized HUMBUCKERS. These were controlled by a five-way switch , a volume knob and a tone knob. There was also a mini toggle to bypass the volume control. The tremolo on this guitar was a Wilkinson VSV vibrato and the 3+3 locking tuners were from Sperzel.

The Hamer Mirage II came in 1995 and was the same guitar with two Seymour Duncan Humbuckers, a three-way switch and lacking the volume bypass toggle. After some digging on the internet I could find there were maple top versions and koa top versions of this guitar.

Both guitars were replaced by the Hamer Mirage Maple Top which was basically a Hamer Mirage II with (always) a maple top. The locking tuners on this one were from Schaller.

Hamer Mirage I heel

Hamer Mirage II heelThe Mirage I has a rather different heel than the other two Mirages. It's a very smooth blended neck heel. Whereas the other two guitars have a more conventional heel.

Other features of the guitars are:

  • 25.5 inch scale
  • 22 frets
  • Wilkinson VSV vibrato
  • 3 piece mahogany body
  • Carved top (Koa or maple)
  • 14.5 inch fingerboard radius
  • 7 degree angled headstock