Andy Timmons Ibanez Signature Guitars

Ibanez Andy Timmons AT100

The last time I was searching for information about the Ibanez RT series I came accross an Ibanez brochure where this guitarist, Andy Timmons, was holding the Ibanez RT650. I had no idea who this guitarist was but I found out that he has some Ibanez signature guitars with specs that are still close to a stratocaster. These Ibanez guitars have some features in common with the Ibanez RT line but also have their differences.

His first signature guitar was the Ibanez AT100SB , introduced in 1999. It had stratocaster features like an alder body, 22 frets and a classic synchronized tremolo (the Wilkinson Gotoh VSVG bridge). Only 175 guitars were issued. His second signature guitar came in 2004 in the form of the Ibanez AT200 which was based on Ibanez' SA series. It had a mahogany body, Ibanez pickups and an Ibanez bridge and lacked the locking tuners. The same year his third signature guitar the Ibanez AT300 also came to see the light. It resembled the AT200 but had the same Dimarzio pickups as the original Ibanez AT100 and also featured the sperzel locking tuners, the Wilkinson VSVG tremolo and a nice custom inlay pattern. 

The original limited Ibanez AT100SB was reproduced in 2009 in the form of the Ibanez AT100CL. It had similar specifications as the AT100SB, except for the HAPM gotoh tuners,  but unlike the limited quantities of the Ibanez AT100SB, this guitar was a regular production model. 

The latest two signature guitars are from 2013 and 2015. The Ibanez AT10P and Ibanez AT10RP are both made in Indonesia and have the Wilkinson WV6 bridge instead of the WIlkinson VSVG. These guitars also feature a KTS titanium truss rods. 

All the signature guitars feature Ibanez All Access Neck Joint. For an overview of all the differences you can see this infographic. 

Ibanez Andy Timmons Signature Guitars
Ibanez Andy Timmons Signature Guitars