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Fender Two Point Synchronized Tremolo

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Bridge type: 
Standard type
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Made in: 
United States


The Fender Two Point Synchronised Tremolo is a Vibrato unit that is an upgrade from Fender's 6-point vintage style tremolo. The Fender 2-point synchronized tremolo bridge has been used by Fender since 1986 and is featured on the American Deluxe Stratocaster as well as the American Standard Stratocaster. 

The advantage of a 2-point synchronized vibrato is tuning stability. The less friction points there are on a floating bridge, the better it will stay in tune. Fender, inspired by the Floyd Rose, uses a knife-edge design for the two pivot points that rock on the two studs mounted into the body. 

The Fender 2-point synchronized tremolo also featured solid string block saddles as opposed to the bent steel saddles on Fender's vintage tremolo unit. Some say they provide better sustain. 

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