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PRS Classic Electric
Sat 07 Mar 2015

The guitar that's been on my wish list for a very long time is the Paul Reed Smith Custom 24. I find PRS guitars very beautifully designed and love the lines and curves on PRS guitars. Since the PRS Custom 24 is at the core of what started it all for Paul Reed Smith it's the PRS that's been on my list. But lately I'm more into stratlike guitars, and am looking to buy a strat or strat...

Peavey Vandenberg Signature Pink
Mon 23 Feb 2015

When I started out learning to play the guitar, my guitar teacher had this poster of a long haired glamrocker with a pink guitar. I remembered that poster because the guitar in it had a very distinct form. You could recognize it from far away. Years later I learned that the guitarist on that poster was...

Yamaha RGX Cutaway
Tue 17 Feb 2015

As I mentioned in my first blog post on this website, my very first guitar was the Yamaha RGX 612A. At the time that I bought this guitar when I was 14 I didn't know much about guitars, but now a few decades later I can say that I made a good purchase (1000 dutch guilders). At f...

Ibanez RT 650
Mon 02 Feb 2015

I was looking for another guitar to complement my Yamaha RGX612A the other day and was searching for a more traditional Strat type guitar. My criteria were: An alder body, a two point standard bridge, a 25.5 inch scale neck with preferably a maple fret board and an HSS pickup configuration. I was looking at some higher end Pacifica series like the...

Yamaha RGX 612A
Mon 19 Jan 2015

Welcome all to Axebtion! The guitar expo. I finally published this website. It's been on my mind for quite a while but now I finally pushed through and (soft)launched this website. is a site with guitar specifications. It's far from complete at the time of writing. But I made a start. My first guitar was the...