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Yamaha Weddington Series
Wed 26 Apr 2017

In the late eighties and early nineties Rich Lasner was a Senior Guitar Designer at Yamaha. Together with Leo Knapp who was a guitar builder and Ken Dapron he formed Yamaha Guitar Development in North Hollywood. They worked with Jackie Minakuchi who worked for Yamaha in Japan who had a staff of 4-5 men to translate the designs,  that Lasner did on paper,  to the computer. To test the...

Yamaha Pacifica Floyd Rose
Mon 02 Jan 2017

If you think about a Yamaha Pacifica, you think about a Stratocaster copy with a traditional tremolo and an HSS pickup configuration. The Yamaha Pacifica 112 introduced in 1994 is one of the most popular guitars for beginners and is often recommended by guitar teachers to their students because of its versatility. The earlier Yamaha Pacificas, developed by Rich Lasner however...

Gibson M Series Guitars
Sun 23 Oct 2016

On this website I tend to not focus on the two big most known guitar brands. But if I do feature guitars of these brands they have to be lesser known models of these brands. Well, today I'm writing about the Gibson M Series guitars. Another guitar  model from the nineties, the time I first got introduced to guitars. So somewhere in my memory I still remember reading about or...

Ibanez Radius series
Fri 05 Feb 2016

The Ibanez Radius series or "R series" was first launched in 1987 with the introduction of the Ibanez 540R where the R stands for Radius. Originally the Ibanez 540R together with the Ibanez 540S (Saber) and the Ibanez 540P (Power) were part of the Roadstar (II)Pro 540 series....

Ibanez RG Fixed Bridge
Sat 02 Jan 2016

As far as I remember I have always associated the Ibanez RG with Floyd Rose like tremolos. That's why I like to highlight the RG's featuring non Floyd Rose type tremolos/bridges. In earlier posts I've already highlighted the Ibanez RT series and also Ibanez' Andy Timmons signature...

Washburn Mercury Series
Thu 10 Dec 2015

A few decades ago when I was looking to buy my first guitar I went to many guitar stores and read through many guitar magazines. My young and susceptible brain was bombarded with many advertisements and catalogs of many brands. And the rule is, the brands that spend more on advertising are positioned better in the psyche of the target audience. So the brands that stuck with me from that time...

Ibanez Andy Timmons AT100
Thu 26 Nov 2015

The last time I was searching for information about the Ibanez RT series I came accross an Ibanez brochure where this guitarist, Andy Timmons, was holding the...

Ibanez Paul Gilbert Fireman
Thu 05 Nov 2015

While browsing and reading about guitars I came across the story of the Ibanez Fireman. The story goes that Paul Gilbert played around with some pictures of an Ibanez Iceman in photoshop and flipped it around, reversed the headstock and added a cutaway. The Ibanez LA Custom Shop made this guitar for him equipped with 3 hum cancelling single coil pickups that were mounted at an angle....

Yamaha Pacifica
Mon 01 Jun 2015

I'm still on a quest for a new strat-like guitar and since my first guitar was the Yamaha RGX 612A, another Yamaha line, the Pacifica series came to my attention. I read some good stuff on the internet about Yamaha Pacificas, they have quite the reputation of being solid guitars for a good price. That's also the reason many guitar teachers...

Takamine GX100
Sun 15 Mar 2015

Last year I bought a Takamine GJ72CE Electric Acoustic guitar. A purchase that I'm quite happy with. I like the way it plays, the way it sounds and the way it looks. The form, the materials and the headstock. I love that the strings stay parallel from the nut to the tuners. Takamine is well known for their electric acoustic guitars. Not many people know that they also made a few solid bodied...